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Silicone Mold Making Kit, 20A Translucent Platinum RTV-2 Liquid Silicone Rubber 9.6OZ for Casting Resin, Soap, Candle, Clay, DIY Molds-1:1 by Volume with Tool 4 Cups,4 Sticks,2 Droppers,1 Pair Gloves


  • ★ EASY TO USE: Our silicone rubber mix ratio 1:1 by weight or volume, easy mix and self-degassing without Vacuum.
  • ★ UNIQUE FAST CURING: Finished casting can be take off from mold after 6 HOURS at room temperature, 1A;1B to mix ratio is fool proof and has a forgiving 40 minute work time.
  • ★ UNIQUE PACKAGE & BIG BONOUS: The package use unique design,make sure completely product shipped to you.We offer free starter tool kit- 4 pcs Graduated Cups, 4pcs Sticks, 1 Pair Dropper, 1 Pair Rubber Gloves.
  • ★ MULTIPUPOSE: High translucent silicone is low viscosity, food grade, can be used for mold making of arts crafts (casting Epoxy Resins, Wax, Gypsum, Concrete, Soap, Candle) and Kitchen (Candy, Chocolate, Cake and Ice Cubes).
  • ★ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our silicone rubber have excellent fluidity, high transparency, easy demolding and pouring. We’re convinced you will love how much these silicone will transform your art & crafts and DIY projects with free shipping, however, if not fully satisfied we will give you a full refund or free replacement.

Miraclekoo Silicone Mold Making Kit Liquid Silicone Rubber Clear Mold Making Silicone for Resin Molds, Silicone Molds DIY Manual Making (7 oz)


  • EASY TO USE – No special skills or tools are needed.The silicone mold making kit includes part A and part B, the mixing ratio is 1:1 by weight. Pour the Part A and Part B together, then stir 5-6 minutes, make sure to stir the mixture thoroughly for better results.
  • SAFE – Our silicone rubber is made of safe silicone material, high-quality,non-toxic and no odor, very flexible, soft and clear.
  • PREMIUM – Our silicone rubber with self-debubbling,the bubbles will automatically disappear within 2 hours, no vacuum degassing is necessary. The completely cure time is about 12 hours at room temperature, it varies from your mold size and thickness.Please note:The curing time is affected by the temperature. If the curing is too fast, it can be slowed down by cooling before use. If the curing is too slow, it can be accelerated by heating.
  • WIDELY USE – Excellent for making resin molds, wax molds, candle molds, soap molds, casting molds and so on. ATTENTION:Not for making food mold use.
  • PLEASE NOTE:mixing without using silicone cup and molding without using silicone mold.Because they’re silicone, they will fuse.HOW to CLEAN: If there’s any spill, please clean with soapy water or rubbing alcohol.

Smooth-On Ecoflex 00-30 Super Soft Silicone Rubber (Pint Unit)


  • Smooth-On Ecoflex 0030 – 1 kit with 1 pint a and 1 pint b
  • supersoft silicone
  • great movement for professional masks
  • 2 pounds total silicone – equal parts a and b
  • Extremely flesh like texture

Guide for you on choosing retailers for cure silicone rubber products

It’s always hard to choose a retailer to buy cure silicone rubber products because there are so many options. It can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be! 

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What are your favorite cure silicone rubber products? Do you want to buy them online but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this blog post. It’s all about choosing the right retailer for you! 

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Silicone Molds Making Kit – Translucent Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mold Making – 1:1 Mixing Ratio Fast Curing Molds Making Silicone for Resin Molds, Casting, Jewelry Making, DIY Crafts – 21.16 oz


  • WHAT YOU NEED – Looking for a way to create lovely sculptures or replicas? Our silicone rubber is the perfect choice for you to make homemade art projects such as sculpture or prototype reproductions!
  • EASY TO USE – With the practical 1:1 mixing ratio and self-degassing characteristics, you could easily get flexible, smooth silicone molds with this liquid silicone mold. Make sure to stir the mixture thoroughly for better results.
  • FAST CURING & LOW VISCOSITY – It takes no more than 12 hours for this silicone mold making compounds to cure at room temperature making compounds, with no noticeable shrinkage. For maximum results, store the products at room temperature!
  • WIDELY USED – Perfect used for molds to reproduce sculptures and other prototypes, homemade art projects such as resin molds, wax molds, candle molds, soap molds. ATTENTION:Not for making food molds use.
  • GREAT VALUE FOR THE MONEY – This silicone mold making kit includes 600g easy to use silicone rubber compounds for you to enjoy making different DIY or art projects in your spare time. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and enjoy this fun and creative activity!

Smooth-On OOMOO 25 – FAST Curing Mold Making Silicone Kit – 2 Pints – EASY!


  • Easy to use 1:1 by volume ratio . No scale required.
  • Oomoo 25 – Fast setting 75 minute cure time. For quick turnover of molds. Sets FASTER than Oomoo 30.
  • Cast with smooth-cast, plaster or resin! Also Popular for use with Pros-Aide transfers!
  • Great for craft moldmaking, candles, replicas, home remodeling, jewelry, and more!
  • East to use, equal parts A and B. Degassing is not necessary. Cures at room temperature.

Specialty Resin & Chemical Cast-A-Mold Platinum (1-Gallon Kit) | Silicone Mold Making Kit | Food Grade Platinum-Cured Silicone Rubber | 2-Part DIY Set for Casting Epoxy and Polyurethane Resin


  • FOOD GRADE AND FDA-COMPLIANT: Create your own food-safe silicone molds with our Cast-A-Mold Platinum! It’s food grade and FDA-compliant so you can use it to create molds for candies, chocolates, and pastries.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: You can also use this silicone rubber mold making kit to cast resin, soap, cement, wax, and plaster. The only limit is your imagination!
  • BUILT TO LAST: Build resin crafts that last for years to come with this cured silicone rubber. It features excellent tensile and tear strength. It also has dependable elongation and heat deflection, which makes it durable and suitable for low melt alloys.
  • SEMI-CLEAR: Easily create vibrant colored molds with the addition of silicone pigments as shown in the illustrations. SRC offers a full line of silicone pigments. It also has a convenient 1:1 ratio that even first-timers can follow.
  • ACCELERATE CURING TIME: Hate waiting? Speed up your mold-making curing time. Heating your molds at 150 degrees can cut it from 8 hours down to 45 minutes

Spend enough time to check all cure silicone rubber products details

Every customer wants to know the details of a cure silicone rubber product before they buy it. We show you the various features and benefits of each product, so you can make an informed buying decision.

Have you ever purchased a cure silicone rubber product online without reading the details? You might find yourself with something unexpected when it arrives. This is why it’s important to read the product details before buying anything.

Sometimes, if you’re not careful, other items can be added to your cart as well, and soon enough, your wallet will be lighter than expected! It’s easy to miss things like this on busy websites so make sure you click through every page of the checkout process before completing your order.

Smooth-On Dragon Skin 20 Mold Making Silicone Rubber – Trial Unit


  • High performance silicone rubber
  • Great for skin effects and producing molds
  • Superior strength and flexibility when cured
  • Certified skin safe
  • Mix ratio of 1A:1B, pot life of 25 minutes and 4 hour cure time

Finding the correct retailers for your cure silicone rubber purchase

Researching the correct retailer to buy a cure silicone rubber product can be time-consuming and frustrating. This article is meant to make it easier for you by listing some of the most popular retailers for your desired purchase.

We will help you to find the retailer that best suits your needs.

I’m sure you’ve all had that moment when you’re in a store and see something that reminds you of the perfect gift for someone.

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Ecoflex 00-10 Super Soft Platinum Silicone Rubber (Pint Unit)


  • Ecoflex rubbers are water white translucent and can be color pigmented with Silc Pig pigments for creating a variety of color effects. You can also add Smooth-On’s Silicone Thinner to further lower the viscosity. THI-VEX silicone thickener can be added by weight to Ecoflex silicones for brushable applications.
  • Ecoflex rubbers are suitable for a variety of applications including making prosthetic appliances, cushioning for orthotics and special effects applications (especially in animatronics where repetitive motion is required).
  • Note: Ecoflex 00-10 cures with a “tacky” surface.

Tips for choosing retailers for cure silicone rubber products

You’ve been looking for a retailer to buy yourcure silicone rubber  products from, but you’re not sure which one is the best. You want to find a reliable company that has great customer service and offers good prices. In this blog post, I’ll provide information on some of the top companies in today’s market.

The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about what you want to buy for your loved ones. With so many retailers out there, how do you know which one will be the best fit? Whether you’re shopping for a family member or friend, here are some tips to help find just the right retailer for them.

What makes this blog post engaging: It’s telling readers that they need help finding the perfect cure silicone rubber products by providing different ways of finding it through looking at different retailers.

Raw Material Suppliers Magikmold P-508 (4 lbs) | Platinum Cure Silicone Rubber | 2-Part Mold Maker | Resin Molding and Casting Kit | for Polyurethane, Epoxy, Plaster, Wax, Candle, Soap, and Concrete


  • CASTING SILICONE MOLD KIT: Magikmold P-508 is a platinum-cured, room temperature curing (RTV), translucent silicone rubber. It’s designed for making high-performing, flexible molds for a variety of casting mediums.
  • FLEXIBLE MOLDS: Our silicone molds have high tear strength. They allow you to more easily de-mold projects when cured. You also get multiple uses from the same molds for better mass production.
  • INTRICATE DETAILS: This is a very soft silicone used to make molds of highly detailed and delicate objects. It’s excellent for producing decorative bath products, wax sculptures, and jewelry.
  • EASY TO USE: Our silicone mold making kit uses a simple 1:1 mix ratio. No special equipment is needed. Just mix equal parts catalyst and base. It’s great for beginners and veterans alike.
  • VERSATILE CASTING KIT: You can use platinum cure silicone to mold a wide range of casting mediums. It works with plastic and rubber urethane, epoxy resin, soap, wax, plaster, and concrete.

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